Fair & Fast

How is ScheduleDrafter Fair?

Fair and Balanced Scheduling

Employees earn points by working unpopular shifts and lose points by working popular shifts. Autoscheduler distributes shifts according to points. Employees with points control the schedule.

How is ScheduleDrafter Fast?

Chalk Full of Automation

Autoscheduler incorporates every employee's ranklist and points, filling all shifts in minutes. The scheduling world said it couldn't be done. Here it is. With Autoranker, hundreds of shifts are ranked in miliseconds. Autoranker learns with every rank, making ranking almost automatic.

At the click of a button, the schedule is created. Points automatically aggregate with the passing of time.

Easy User Preferences

Employees rank shifts by moving them up or down their ranklist according to personal preference or strategy. Scheduledrafter rewards every nuanced preference.