• The Evolution of Scheduling

    Chris Major | 11/15/2021

    We discuss how the pains and pitfalls of scheduling helped craft what ScheduleDrafter has become today.

    Topics: Scheduling Pains, Evolution, Blogs
  • Why ScheduleDrafter

    Chris Major | 11/10/2021

    Read about why ScheduleDrafter entered the world of employee and recreational scheduling.

    Topics: Scheduling, Inception, Blogs
  • Free Fair Nurse Scheduling and Other Healthcare Scheduling With ScheduleDrafter

    Chris Major | 12/06/2021

    Learn why and how ScheduleDrafter was tailormade for the healthcare industry.

    Topics: Scheduling, Inception, Blogs, Healthcare, Nursing
  • Works Like Your Personal Calendar

    Chris Major | 04/07/2021

    See how ScheduleDrafter works just like your personal calendar.

    Topics: Scheduling, Blogs, Time Management, Calendars