Works Like Your Personal Calendar

Add Shifts and Events Like You Would to Your Personal Calendar

Scheduledrafter works like a normal calendar. Just add events and shifts with availability. Set them up to repeat as often as you like. Set up your users (or trial test users) with their hours. Managers then run Autoscheduler and fill the next section of the schedule. Autoscheduler incorporates all users ranklists (how users input their scheduling preferences) with the points users have earned in the system. Giving a 100% fair and transparent schedule. Managers then open the schedule for pickups and trades. Users can then fill in the gaps and trade as they please. Points automatically accumulate when the next Autoscheduler runs and reward the hardest workers i.e. those who have worked the most undesirable shifts.

Scheduledrafter’s System is Automated

Sure, Scheduledrafter has a points system. But it is automatic. It works like a video game. Managers don’t have to do anything. Users are rewarded for working least desirable shifts without a manager having to lift a finger. Just run Autoscheduler for the next schedule. If the previous schedule has finished, its points will accumulate and be used to reward users as Autoscheduler fills the schedule.


Scheduledrafter’s system is truly a revolution. We call them Divvys for “divvying up.” We like to think of workers divvying up their day and use the scheduling points, divvys to do so. Workers control their destinies. Employees make sacrifices to earn scheduling preference. A true scheduling meritocracy.

The rules of the game…

Scheduledrafter is a game. Each player earns and loses points according to what they do. When they work undesired times, they earn points. When they work desired times they lose points. Its like a video game. Working undesired shifts is like “powering up” or “refilling.” Working desired shifts “powers down” or spends points. When the time to schedule comes around again, their point total dictates how the autoscheduler schedules. It is the fairest way to schedule ever developed. Everyone who sees it says “This is Revolutionary.” Even more, it is better than fair. It is a game. When users can sacrifice exactly what they want to get what they want. They can work nights to not work weekends. They can work holidays to not work nights. They work all nights one month, so not to work any the next month… Oh but be wary… the other users are also playing the game… and they may play it better. The points are equal across a schedule but priorities allow schedulers to place more senior or junior level users on different scheduling priorities. In essence each priority battles more amongst itself for what is availble then with the users in priorities above and below. Of course this is all within the confines of what needs to be scheduled. Trades, pickups, and giveaways allocate points according to the value of each shift. Although users can adjust those values as they see fit and create bidding wars or selling wars. Have fun.